Payroll Processing Service

No matter the size, every business needs to process monthly payroll of the employees who works for them without errors. This process could be very exhausting whilst balancing your business which could result in issues and some unhappy employees. You could simply hand that burden to us and we will take care of the payroll management with high accuracy and on time with our highly qualified team of professionals who can handle all there is to it including leaves, loans, advances and reimbursements of employees.

We provide payroll management service as per your requirement so you won’t have to go through of that tiresome process

Why Should You Outsource Payroll Management Services?

It’s Cost effective

The need to hire specialized employees will reduce hence letting you with a reduced headcount of staff

It’s time saving

When handing the payroll management to us, you will be free of frequent updating, data entry, being updated with new laws. So you are left with your valuable time to use it in a more productive way.

No more payroll tax filings

Why trouble yourself with excessive work which requires you to learn taxation rules and what not? Our experienced professionals will do all that for you.

Always keeps you in check of your key competencies

Our professional staff will always keep you in check of your key competencies of your field. We will be here for your and working with you throughout.

Overall reports

Through our professionals you will receive a variety of accurate payroll reports. For an added small sum we will include union reports, compensation reports and much more.

Our Payroll Services Include but are not limited to


  • Compute salary including overtime, variable pay and allowance
  • Disburse salary and deposit into employees’ bank accounts
  • Issue pay slips (hard copy and ePayslip)
  • Submit monthly and Year-to-Date payroll reports to management
  • Support auditors on payroll matters


  • Maintain payroll file for each employee and employee’ Bio data
  • Maintain the leaves record of the employees
  • Monitor unpaid leave, medical leave
  • Processing of maternity claim
  • Process increments and bonuses


  • Assist in the set up of a Maldives Retirement Pension Scheme (“MRPS”) and act as the contact person and/or authorized signatory
  • Arrange for new employees to be enrolled in the company’s pension fund scheme, and for retiring members to complete election form to transfer benefits to their new employer or into a preserved account in the existing MRP scheme
  • Prepare and submit pension contribution statements


  • Payroll summary and detail reports
  • Overtime summary report
  • Headcount report
  • Bank listing report
  • Printed or electronic pay advice
  • Other payroll reports customized to management requirement


  • Employee insurance administration
  • Application of Employment visa, Dependent visa
  • Prepare and submit pension contribution statements

It is our objective to provide all clients with a service that is not only of the highest quality
but delivered promptly and efficiently to maximise their experience