Virtual Office Services

Virtual office Maldives is a substitute solution where it doesn't require the employees to clock in to a physical office. It rather grants them the ability to work from home or overseas. This result in aiding the company to reduce the operating cost of a physical office and in return helps with their financial planning and budgeting and helps to invest that on their business development. Virtual office is also the main go-to solution of most of our overseas clients who has their businesses incorporated in Maldives.

When we offer virtual office services in Maldives, we not only take care of accounting services and finance but also offer office infrastructure.

At Accu Books, our virtual office service offers many facilities

Address for your Business Registration

The given address of the virtual office in Maldives is completely legal and it is very useful for those with clients who require a local address verification.

Local Number for Call Forwarding

You will receive a local number that automatically forwards the calls you receive to any of your given contact numbers, may it be a landline, mobile or a remote desktop. This service allows you to assign, manage and administer your calls all in one system.

Conference Room

With a heads up notice we even can arrange a conference room for meetings at our virtual office address. A professional meeting room is key in conducting meetings with your clients which shows the stature of your business.

Fax Number

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Benefits of Virtual Office

Our virtual office is a small but highly effective and practical concept which benefits our clients in many ways.

  • Being an owner of a company with potential, it is necessary to buy or rent out an office space. But at the same time it’s a costly job which start-ups and small businesses hesitate to look upon. So indeed not having to rent a place will be aiding your budgeting process but it is not professional to do so. That’s where Virtual Office Maldives comes into play. It is the best alternative for an office space of your own that will not leave a hole in your budget although it serves the same purpose of having a physical office in the eyes of your clients.
  • Virtual offices do not require you or your employees to come to work and it grants the ability to work from home or anywhere convenient for them to show their full potential in their work remotely all the while saving precious time which would have been wasted if they had to travel to get to work.
  • Since there is no travelling to work involved with a Virtual Office, you can hire anyone you see fit from anywhere in the world making your business a center for limitless talent.

These are such advantages you gain in having a Virtual Office which will be very good for your business plans in making your start-up or small business grow to it full potential.

It is our objective to provide all clients with a service that is not only of the highest quality
but delivered promptly and efficiently to maximise their experience